Move storage group validating destination file paths

This is required because filesystem paths on Egnyte can contain characters which are not permitted in the path portion of a URL.

For example, this path: A list of information about the subfolder of the current folder.

To ensure that access to the local file system of any of the systems is protected from unauthorized creation, modification, or deletion. DS11 – Manage Data – All sections should be reviewed DS11.9 – Data processing integrity DS11.20 – Continued integrity of stored data The file system is a fertile ground for average attackers and script kiddies alike.

Attacks can be devastating for the average site, and they are often some of the easiest attacks to perform.

The information contains the following fields with the same definitions as a folder: name, last Modified, path, folder_id, is_folder, and folder_id POST /pubapi/v1/fs-content/Shared/Documents/HTTP/1.1 Host: apidemo.Authorization: Bearer 68zc95e3xv954u6k3hbnma3q Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file"; filename="~/Desktop/test.txt" Content-Type: text/plain Full absolute destination path of file or folder.

Note that if the destination path does not contain the original folder name only the subfolders and files within the folder will be copied.

For more information on custom metadata, please refer to the Metadata API.

To upload files of smaller sizes, you can use the simpler upload flow. Server will respond with HTTP Status 200 and ETag plus SHA512 hash for the entire completed file.Optionally, you can send a final 0-byte chunk to close the chunked upload flow.This allows you to verify the final chunk succeeded before committing the file.$ openssl dgst -sha512 chunk1 SHA512(chunk1)= 886a81ec5f9e4f66aaa77d95ccb58dc6ca4000bfb12d13351adf8cd6fb09933e0e16d057983eb8a81fffc71d71f6fc5c1649d08b20b0dc30d64ea449850b4f41 $ openssl dgst -sha512 chunk2 SHA512(chunk2)= 8ae7b487d9ad803e0ad85dee9320a1c3203f021e2fffe07573588e2869f097589eaa97923d75ada6f84a5eaeb7ad63f7f0a0ddc1e78053f570b8a6363abcd9f3 $ openssl dgst -sha512 chunk3 SHA512(chunk3)= eef77c3e9fef9277e0a3bbc8a4faaf2727481296b3d6e0143c5c661d2cd1441eeccc54d4bc086c29ea3ee918a79dcba122bd077fe3232f30f54afc7ed452cc8d After you upload each chunk, Egnyte will compute a SHA512 checksum for that chunk and return it in the X-Egnyte-Chunk-Sha512-Checksum header.If the checksum does not match the checksum you compute locally, the chunk was corrupted and should be sent again.

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