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The kids can fill in the scripture references with a dry erase marker and you can reuse the Bingo cards.

6 Comments 1 I put together a couple of Old Testament Scripture Mastery quizzes designed to be used in a seminary or Sunday school class.

With that goal in mind, I formatted these graphics and concepts a few different ways, hoping that teachers could choose the quiz that best suited their needs. The student is supposed to fill in the scripture reference on the blank line. This set is four-per-page and it’s meant for personal use, in that all 25 are compiled onto 7 pages with four unique verses per page.

You’ll notice that this quiz has the scriptures listed in order! I am sure there are endless variations of quizzes with these three elements, but hopefully these are a good start! ), but I’m hoping to get one more fun game up with these graphics–a variation on Bingo. It would be easy to print of the set (7 pages), and then use them to help with memorization or just familiarization.

54 Comments 8 Two years ago I decided to print the Scripture Mastery verses that my son would be learning in seminary.

I wanted to post the scripture verses around the house to make it easier for him to memorize and I wanted his younger brothers to participate as well.

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One last idea–if you think you’ll want to play this game often, think about printing them on cardstock and laminating them.I tried this out, and with other content on Spritz’s site, and was able to jump up to 300WPM pretty quickly.Here’s an example from the webapp, at 200 WPM: Now you can use this great webapp to speed read the Book of Mormon.The student could attach the correct graphic (letter J) if you wish, but I believe the emphasis is on getting the main doctrine and the reference. You could require that the students link the graphic to the correct verse or not.I split the 25 scriptures in half, because I anticipate that most students won’t know all 25 right up front. I am surmising that linking the doctrinal concept with the correct scripture reference is the purpose behind memorizing scripture mastery verses. 2 Comments 0 A few days ago I posted the complete set of full page Old Testament scripture mastery printables.

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