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Emphasis on the male if you please." She turned her upper body to face me, and in doing so she lost part of the cover the bubbles afforded her thus far. My hand was on fire, and judging from her breathing, my hand was having a similar effect on her.One breast was completely in the open, and most of the other one was exposed. "Damn," she exclaimed as her hand fumbled with the button of his shorts. She leaned over and gently kissed the head of my dick.Mom has more time to devote to her personal welfare, and the results are showing beautifully.She goes her way and I go mine and we are as compatible as a mother and son can be under the circumstances. Mom had a dinner meeting with some business associates, and I, being the typical young man constantly feeling his need to spread some wild oats, had spent the evening unsuccessfully doing so. I noticed some lights on upstairs so I naturally assumed that Mom had also ended her evening.

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They have a daughter now, and Dad is back to changing diapers again and all that "Dad stuff".I saw no reason to hesitate so I buried my mouth in the area where her neck and her shoulder met, and gently cupped a tit in each hand. "Pull your lower legs beneath you and raise your butt a little," I said softly. I slid my pulsating shaft along the crack of her ass until I reached the gateway to glory. Either because of shock or plain old burning desire she buried my cock in her pussy as far as it would go.She was trembling as she did so, but she went so far as to grind her butt against my cock once it was properly seated.I pressed my legs closer together in an attempt to cover the bulge, and I was satisfied for the moment that my efforts were successful. "The office part wasn't too bad, but putting up with three stuff shirts through dinner and a few drinks was a pain in the ass."Looks like you are thoroughly enjoying yourself, ma'am." "I thought you stopped calling me ma'am years ago, mister." The twinkle in her eyes gave away the amusement behind her remark. I've got this bath water about as hot as I can stand it, and it's helping a lot.

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