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This is in spite of the fact that 85% of pediatricians recommend AGAINST using diapers for bedwetting, believing that diapers "give the wrong message, that it is okay to wet at night and not get up and use the toilet, which tends to prolong wetting." (Seminar on Bedwetting, American Academy of Pediatrics, 2003).

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i understand the issue the site has been having with teen babys and diaper lovers but this can be solved simply by clicking the ignore button on the chat. I am 13 and had been bedwetting for ages in the predecesing years and i just did what my guidence is and then stopped when i was 11! ) it was difficult but having diapers would just make the problem carry on and more difficult to stop waking up with wet sheets pushes you to stop and there you go!

Tell us how you are feeling and what makes you feel that way.

How is your stroke affecting your life and causing you to be down? Family and caregiver forums are below.)Central Pain Syndrome (CPS) is a burning, aching, or cutting sensation with a mixture of pain sensations, the most prominent being intense sunburn.

Wetbusters instead has become a forum for kids and adults who wear diapers.

Nearly all of the kids who use the site seem to wear diapers, and parents who use the site talk primarily about diapers in regard to their kids who wet.

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