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He successfully changes the form, composition, and color of the original image drastically with the help of different media and the change of light, as well as the reversal method.

The final image was transformed into a map of light and Xie Nanxing felt that this metamorphosis was almost magical. 1 (2014, oil on canvas, 220 × 320 cm) you can even see the artist’s reflection on the TV screen when he was taking the image.

Essen is 16 miles from Hotel In der Meile, and Oberhausen is 23 miles away.

He is interested in psychology and also approaches his practice with a psychologist’s line of questioning, inquiring into what is behind the surface.

For example, he reconsidered the traditional portrait genre, depicting people not as it is usually done, by painting their appearance, but by illustrating their personality through a story, the composition, or through color. 1, 2012, oil on canvas, 120 × 160 cm) by painting her style of driving.

We see a shabby car scaring a dog off the road, and in the light cones emanating from its headlights one can read: “One-eyed person bravely dashing into Heiqiao” (an art district in Beijing).

Xie Nanxing’s approach differs for every portrait, depending on and reflecting upon the person who is to be portrayed.

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