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Miss Bruce is transgender too and they both work in Carlota Brown's beauty shop.

Simone kissed her troubled friend, Karen, in the second season's fifth episode.

Emma is Bisexual and admitted to having a few romantic and sexual relationships with women in the past.

Waverly had a boyfriend until she met Officer Nicole Haught.

Gutierrez comes out as gay in the first season's final episode.

Though Izzy never actually states her sexual identity, it is assumed that she is likely Bisexual or Pansexual.

He denies being gay and commits suicide in episode 6 of season 1. Freddy is a young gay man fascinated by Monsignor Gutierrez at some point. Lukas is violently closeted while Philip is comfortable with his sexuality. "Eyewitness" is based on the Norwegian show "Øyevitne".

During a flashback, it is confirmed that Katherine is queer, and that she dated a friend from college before her death in a car accident that Katherine survived (another character references the girl as "the love of her life").

Father Marcus mentions that he has been "mostly" celibate after being excommunicated in season one, and he exchanges a flirtatious look with a man at a bar.

A demon suggests that girls "aren't his type", indicating that he is gay.

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