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Yes, though you must request your name be restored prior to the finalization of your decree.

The name change must be made in good faith with no intent to defraud or mislead anyone by the change of name.

You do have several options in lieu of trial that will cut costs such as mediation and settlement discussions.

It is possible to complete your divorce without representation by an attorney.

The legal age for marriage in Minnesota is age 18, or age 16 or 17 only with the consent of the parents, a guardian, or the court and approval of the application for a marriage license by a Juvenile Court Judge.

The length of the proceedings depends on the amount of litigation involved.

In Minnesota, if an attorney represents you and the other party it is possible to file all dissolution documents administratively, which allows you both not to show up to court to finalize the divorce.

An annulment treats the marriage as though it never happened.

A marriage may be annulled if: A.) One party was not able to give their voluntary consent to the marriage at the time of the marriage ceremony because: 1.

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