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Her and Jay-Z look like they have a very close relationship.He looked really upset and they sat and talked for a long time.She was very beautiful in person and smaller than I thought. I said yes even though I was not and I think she saw that so she had some man bring me a drink. She looks up at me and says 'I have a cousin with the same name, it's very pretty.' I told her thanks and then some lady named I think Mary walked by and pushed her kind of hard in the back and she went off. They were supposed to give them away on-air, so I took my mom and dad who thought she was crazy. I was afraid after the show waiting to meet her because I thought she would be a snob and squash all my thoughts and blocking out crazy talk from people. Looked me in the eye when talking and just chatted for a few.She was very mild and even seemed kind of shy when talking to the fans. We had a chance to talk to her for about 20 minutes. Than she had me and my brother to come over and stand next to her in some lobby area. She goes, 'Okay we're going to see how good you can fight if you push me again,' then the lady turns and says, 'And I'll see how quick you can get up off the floor.; I thought they were going to fight but they both started to laugh and said, 'I'll see you in an hour.' It was funny because for a second Mariah looked like this hard ass who might have some fight in her. Also she was much bigger then I thought she would be. Dad being a colonel in the airforce at a Mariah show, I thought would be interesting. We walked up to her and she was short just like you described her... We are not supposed to touch her said her bodyguard but she gave me a hug and signed an autograph which I guess she normally doesn't do.Uchitel was rumored to appear for Jeter and Enriquez briefly dated back in 2001, after Alex Rodriquez supposedly introduced the two following his own relationship with the star.Enriquez is an actress and singer who has appeared in the television series This was one of Jeter's longer relationships, lasting from 1996-1998 with the diva.This was before Jessica Alba's fame grew, and during Jeter's back-and-forth relationship with Minnillo.Alba obviously went on to become a successful actress appearing in movies such as alumni, the show was wrapping up around the time that the two started dating.

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Every time the public has come to expect him to finally have found the 'one,' we get another one of those breakup tabloids. Many of you may remember the name Rachel Uchitel from the Tiger Woods saga. Jeter and Uchitel spent time together back in 2008.

As you probably know, Mariah dated New York Yankees baseball player Derek Jeter for a few years. But on a positive note, her skin is flawless, legs are toned like whoa, and she has Bambi eyes. I just use to dump the bucket water on the floor, and chill out for 15 minutes.

Several of his fans posted about their experiences meeting Mariah on a fan message board. On a suprising note, she's skinny and the boobs are the biggest thing on her. On a personality note, she's definitely a Long Island girl. I was in the bathroom cleaning up when she busted in. Then I would walk back out like I did something productive.' I just stood there and looked at her. I overheard her and AJ from 106th and Park discussing bands.

Derek Jeter is one of the best players to ever play the game for the Yankees.

When you are a legend in your sport, you get rewarded with millions of dollars - and a revolving door of hot girlfriends.

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