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National Holidays are pleased to offer Mansfield as a departure point from January 2017 National Holidays offers a fantastic variety of holidays from Mansfield, whether you’re looking for a weekend mini-break or a long holiday abroad!

Your local departure point from Mansfield is the bus lay-by outside of Argos of Walkden Street.

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For those looking to go continental, you can coach from Mansfield and holiday to places like Germany, Austria, Paris, Ostend, Costa Brava, Italy’s Lake Garda & Florence and Tuscany and much more!

Simply use our search facility above to find your next coach trip or holiday from Mansfield.

As the season closes, Broadway in Great Falls invites you to celebrate Valentine’s Day and have the time of your life with “Dirty Dancing” on Wednesday, Feb. The live experience of the classic movie features heart-pounding music, passionate romance and sensational dancing.

I was in the center ring with two vacuums – the new Golden Jubilee edition Electrolux and Mrs. I was there to lead her back to cleanliness, which, it went without saying, was next to godliness. Gullible,” this salesman would say, “you may not mind sitting in dirt, but you can’t tell me that you want to sleep in dirt! She couldn’t afford even a reconditioned economy model.

This show was called “Digging Dirt.” It was central to the Electrolux faith. ” Then I would go to the bedroom and vacuum the mattress. I was just about to talk her into using a broom when one of the old salesmen took over.

I’d vacuum with the Jubilee, and then open the machine and shake out the dirt. He had once told me that while he wasn’t the smartest guy around, he sure could get people to buy things.

He could feed his family, which is what he cared about.

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