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Backordered items cannot be expedited and will ship with standard shipping once they arrive at our warehouse.Some products such as phone accessories, electrical cords, upholstered items, sunglasses, and vegan/faux leather will expose you to substances identified within the California Prop 65 list of chemicals.Hawkeye gets mail meant for another Captain BF Pierce who appears to be "some kind of Romeo." BJ's Peggy had to fix a plumbing issue and was hit on by a neighbor at a party; BJ is very upset.Radar learns his mother has a new friend: a gentleman friend.If your order is cancelled for any reason, the authorization will automatically be removed in 5-7 business days.We are required to collect local sales tax in states where Romeo and Juliet Couture has a physical presence.De Sylva Performed by Alan Alda, William Christopher, Jamie Farr, Mike Farrell, Harry Morgan, and David Ogden Stiers See more » Just a series of vignettes based on people's mail, all delivered the same day.Margaret gets a condescending letter from her mother in law. is all bent out of shape because his wife is having to make life decisions on her own (like who to go to to fix the car), Hawkeye is getting amorous letters from a guy who shares his name and rank, and Klinger is asked for a divorce by his wife. Klinger's thing is probably the most serious, but because of his boy-calling-wolf activities in the past, he gets no sympathy.

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The Hotel Giulietta Romeo was renovated and extended recently with the addition of 24 new “superior” rooms.This authorization ensures the funds for the order are available while your order prepares to ship.Once your order has shipped, your form of payment will be charged.A Romeo and Juliet Couture Order Confirmation with your order details will be sent to you by e-mail.When you place your order, your form of payment will be authorized (not charged).

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