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Traffic alerts were helpful, as well, matching several live warnings also displayed by programs like Waze.

On the dashcam side, we discovered one disadvantage to using an all-in-one device: visibility.

Exploring new routes to keep its portable navigation devices relevant in a world of smartphones and free maps, Magellan has added a new twist to its Road Mate 6230-LM: a built-in dashcam.

It won’t help you find your way home, but it may help you prove the next fender bender wasn’t your fault.

The other issue with video recordings is that they can only be played off the Road Mate’s micro SD card using Magellan’s software, which does not support Macs at the moment (it’s Windows only).

You can’t simply plug the device into a laptop, for example, and download the files.

Storage is provided via a 4GB micro SD card, which holds roughly 40 minutes of video.

You can add more recording time by popping in your own card, up to 32GB.

Unfortunately, Magellan’s online support software for registering and updating maps and software is in serious need of renovation. Rather than just telling you your software is up to date, for example, the program lists some (but not all) available versions and then grays out the update button, rather than providing clear instructions that you don’t need to download or update any software.The camera starts recording automatically when you power up the Road Mate and overwrites older files in 5 minute increments when it runs out of space.Any recordings triggered by a sensor that measures G forces are automatically locked, however; should you be involved in an accident the file will not be deleted.The only item it missed was a hotel and water park that had been open for only two weeks (even Google Maps missed that one).We found speed limit warnings particularly helpful.

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