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action lists the currently available version of the specified ports, or if no ports are specified, displays a list of all available ports.The list of available ports is very long, so use search if you are looking for a specific 5.5 lang www PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor php4 4.4.9 lang www PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor php5 5.3.28 lang www PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor php52 5.2.17 lang www PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor php53 5.3.28 lang www PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor php54 5.4.31 lang www PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor php55 5.5.15 lang www PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor php56 5.6.0RC2 lang www PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor cacti @0.8.8b (net) Cacti is a complete RRDtool network graphing solution.apache2 has the variants: eventmpm: Use event MPM (experimental) * conflicts with preforkmpm workermpm openldap: Enable LDAP support through Open LDAP [ ]preforkmpm: Use prefork MPM * conflicts with eventmpm workermpm universal: Build for multiple architectures workermpm: Use worker MPM * conflicts with eventmpm preforkmpm The installation of a single port consists of multiple phases.These phases are fetch, extract, patch, configure, build, destroot, archive, and finally install.The module can be configured to validate Yubi Keys against Yubico's Yubi Cloud infrastructure, a custom Yubi Key validation server or it can be used for offline authentication with newer Yubi Keys supporting a challenge-response protocol.Homepage: Build Dependencies: pkgconfig, autoconf, automake, libtool Library Dependencies: ykpers, yubico-c-client Platforms: darwin License: BSD Maintainers: [email protected] lists the dependencies of a port.

By the way, there’s also Homebrew (and Fink for what is worth) which is another way to bring your favorite FLOSS into OS X, sadly at the time I wrote this The Gimp was not in the Homebrew tree.

jrrd @1.0.4 (java) Java interface to RRDTool netmrg @0.20 (net) An RRDtool frontend for network monitoring, reporting, and graphing that generates day/week/month MRTG style graphs.

network-weathermap @0.97c (net) Weathermap is a network visualisation tool, to take graphs you already have and display an overview of your network as a map.

I've already found an answer for the second question after I separated that problem from the problem of RPM - you were right guys - single question per post, and thanks for editting for me!

So now I am looking foward to see answer for the problem with RPM, which still doesn't work.

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