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I do not own Victorious What happens when Quinn Fabray, resident slud at Mc Kinley High, gets her arch-nemesis' girlfriend pregnant. JJ feels an instant connection but has only the mysterious woman's first name to go on. Quinn/Puck/Santana bromance Brittany/Rachel friendship. Starts out with Faberry friendship, ends with Faberry love. JJ, media liaison for the BAU is at the park one day with her son Henry when she meets Emily."That you've been dreaming of this moment," she said, and Fleur Delacour was suddenly rendered speechless as Hermione sighed. Therefore, you are allowed to totally crush on hotty coffee over there." She said gesturing to Elsa. Quinn takes her child to see the Sound of Music, unaware of who the star of the show is. Will they separate or become closer than ever before? Will Quinn finally deal with her feelings and accept that Rachel isn't just a nerd to her? Rachel, a Broadway star who is too much of a diva for anyone else & Quinn, the ultimate Ice Queen on any movie set or TV Show she is working on. What nobody expected was that this kiss was worth a million dollars. fic.pulling off a stunt to try to impress Finn, only to have him break up with Rachel, sends her into insecurity mode. A plan that brings Rachel and Quinn together in more ways than one. Will she be able to stay on track or will her past continue to drag her down? Either way, Rachel tries and tries again to get the new Quinn Fabray to join Glee Club, but is she willing to accept to Quinn's terms just to keep the club together? But that never stopped her from being who she was, or falling in love with a certain blonde cheerleader. Her only joy is singing, until Quinn comes along, a French runaway, dressed as a boy and working on a ship. The year is 1587 and it is a year that two young women will never forget. Found on tumblr - Anna is a pizza delivery girl and she delivers pizza to the same house to the same tall and fair stranger whom is the most gorgeous woman she has ever seen. Un aviso en el periódico cambiará la vida de la familia Berry, cuando una sofisticada e inglesa rubia de ojos ámbar aparezca en su puerta, siendo ésta el cuarto miembro de la familia FABERRY. Third Part of the "Ew" verse, following "Kisses Are for Boyfriends...(Elsa's a girl working at a Disney themed Cafe shop. Well, let's just say people had money on how long it would take for them to become more than friends. How will they cope with all of their "dislike" for each other and their loneliness? Much less that the beautiful and determined brunette, who will kiss her, will be the reason of a turnaround in the life of an actress. LOOKING FOR A BETAREADERQuinn, a vampire who's actions have forced her to submit to the will of the vampire council, must enroll in Mc Kinley High School. If Rachel catches Quinn being mean to their daughter's girlfriend, Quinn has to go through a whole week as a vegan. They fall in love, despite everything that shouldn't be. Quinn Fabray is a ready for hire contract killer, who has just received a different type of contract; to escort Lady Rachel Berry, Daughter of the Prime Duke of Norfolk, against her will to a Russian Count, enamoured by her, in St Petersburg. One day, she writes a note to the gorgeous stranger on the inside of the lid and the next time the stranger replies back to her with a note hidden in the money given. Esta historia la escribiré con la ayuda de mi mejor amiga, pasen y lean Ray Berry barely survived junior high-school. Don't judge a Fic by it's summary, just try it out! Rachel is hot and Quinn will be a lovesick hot, rich fool, that's all I can say! And Girlfriends" If Frannie though that Quinn and Rachel were a handful when they were kids, then imagine how bad they are as teens. Tentative Complete status.16 year old Rachel Berry is new to Lima.

Quinn Fabray, es el prototipo de chica perfecta en la ciudad de Lima, Ohio, pero conocerá a una hermosa Skater que cambiara todos sus esquemas, que pasara con ellas? Historia narrada desde el punto de vista de Quinn Quinn Fabray, Brooke Davis, and Caroline Forbes are the head bitches in charge at Mc Kinley high. through the eyes (and maybe ears) of their three closest but very nosy friends. Quinn puts her quest to find herself on hold in order to figure out the suddenly more mysterious Rachel Berry. So who protects Rachel when the Latina goes too far? She goes to NYC on a whim and tries to see what she can find. Unfortunately, the spell was mispronounced and instead of shrinking, it causes Quinn to grow a sizable g! Mortified, she flees the hallway and locks herself in the locker room. It is a hot, sticky summer when Quinn Fabray, Rachel's ex, decides to tag-along with Noah on his visit to the Berries. Rachel/Quinn, Brittany/Santana, other less important Glee pairings will appear throughout as well.

Alright this story is completely out of hiatus will be re-wrote. Can the new family in Lima have anything to do with all of this new world for her and the gleeks. Vampires, witches, mermaids...anything is possible. If there's a bit you would like to see, message me here on FF or on my Tumblr! "-Yo haré que vuelvas a creer en el amor" Faberry, con un poco de Brittana y... Ustedes deciden el ultimo x D"A bushy-haired Gryffindor girl was staring at her silently from amidst the noise, but her gaze was not filled with hatred. She had never seen anything like this in her life, except with a Veela and its mate. Well, it was until Santana proposed a bet involving the gorgeous new English teacher, Miss Fabray. PWhen JJ discovers that Emily is a lesbian, her reaction is a surprise to both of them. I've tweaked some chapters so there's more smut & flow in it.

There won't really huge changes to the story but there will be some. "ON HIATUS Rachel Berry had never been known for crazy parties, but then again she wasn't known for kissing girls either. AU (sort of) - Finchel never happened, Quinn likes Rachel but Rachel doesn't know. And when the two are asked to go undercover as a lesbian couple, will the experience ruin their friendship or drive them closer together than either ever could have dreamed? Just a one shot I wrote based on a GKM prompt to get Faberry out of my head. Has side Brittana and an implied Pinn/Brittana hook up after as well.

Humor, swearing and Elsanna.)AU JJ is an actress with a stalker and Emily is the private security guard hired to protect her. But what happens when one certain brunette wants to know everything about her? It was love at first sight when he met Quinn Fabray but does she feel the same? Too bad that each one had fallen for very shy girls. Quinn Fabray finds out she isn't just a normal werewolf, if you could call being a werewolf normal, but that she is to become the new Alpha. Después de la muerte de su novia durante la batalla final, Hermione Granger es salvada de caer en manos de Voldemort por un Auror desconocido. their meeting, however, is nothing casual or accidental. Pero el experimento no funciona como esperaban y la libido de ambas se dispara.

There are characters from other shows but since I am changing their circumstances, this isn't really a crossover. Quinn a new up an coming director for Broadway is reunited with an old friend and crush in an unexpected place, her crush has changed, and so has the persons dream, Warning G! "Why is it so easy to get lost in those brown eyes? and damn every minute that I can't spend by her side ..." Oh Yeah... Friends are lost, relationships are tested and things will never be the same. After portraying herself as a character, she's about to let Mc Kinley see what she's really all about! Are her walls going to stay up or crumble to pieces? Can the shy girls come to terms with the bigness of endearment – as they try to navigate their true feelings of actually being in love with a girl? With this revelation, the possibility of a rival pack crouching in, dealing with parental issues, and the new girl Quinn has a lot on her plate. Tiempo después, durante su último curso en Hogwarts, Hermione y su salvador desconocido inician un romance que debe terminar tan súbitamente como inició. Rachel Berry's life might be in danger and it is Quinn's responsibility to ensure of her safety. Rachel y Quinn se pasan las noches en el laboratorio intentándolo una y otra vez. Four years long Quinn waited for the chance to finally have her way with Rachel Berry. Well that's the thing, it's Miss Berry and she's Quinn's teacher.

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