Living room at house live camera adlut

More » The cameras for this investigation group aren't always on, but they turn them on for investigations, allowing you to tag along and watch what might happen.

You'll have to keep track of their website to find out when the investigations are going to take place.

More » Not in the mood to capture a ghost on your computer? The Leprechaun Watch webcam is set up is a hidden location in a field somewhere in Ireland, straddling the border of a "fairy ring" and the Coogan's ancestral farm.

They're hoping a leprechaun will go strolling by in front of the camera - and you could be watching when he does.

The site provides some screen captures that seem to have caught something unusual.And this may be the only way to see the magnificent Ordsall Hall for awhile, since it is closed to the public for restoration.More » The views seen on this page are, they say, from 18 webcams set up in a 100 -year-old Victorian house. "The people who lived here were also real at one time, and I am doing my best to find out who they were, and what their lives were like, and if it is they who visit the house.More » "Are you brave enough to watch the Ghost Cam? Actually, they have three cameras set up: one in the Great Hall, one in Great Chamber, and one in the Star Chamber.The White Lady is the famous ghost that is said to haunt the area around her portrait, and the spirit of a young woman has been seen on the stairs.

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