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I installed on my device, like a dummy to see what was up and was shocked to see a 14yr old half dressed, moving around in a sexy manner.

I have made my concerns known to my husband and he told his daughter, but seems to be falling of deaf ears.

Use mana potions as a warrior or rogue./ Even without the restictions mana and stamina are to different things so i need to find a way around that... Licensing/Legal===============This mod is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

I download this app and have came across multiple videos of questionable aged people takeing off their clothes.

Apparently my kids had been getting on using my phone always try to monitor there usage seen what was on here and it is horrible app should be ahut down nothing but illegal activity deleted it and warned them all to stay away from it really should be shit down imidiately..... Talks of love and God and strums a few bars of his viewers request as in a concert.

Broadcasting from a dark trailer looking site the producer and crew mumble the reflections of the followers comments and off they go into a world kids don't need to be listening about. Just block the program until they begin reviewing there producers ages and me is a fun app to do when you are bored or you have nothing to do and when you are on this app you will be new to it and dont know what to do well there are some bad things and good thing lets start with the good things your teen child can have fun on it do challenges and talk about life and other stuff and other peoples will give advice and tell them what best and your teen child can also get diamonds and spend on gifts and earn them plus findd and snatch chest drops which are coins and do chest drops its pretty fun and enjoyble the bad things are that there is smoking and drinking and the sex there is guys who will jerk off idk why anyone wants to see that but anyone who does the sex and further than that will be banned from live me and those people cant get on the app no more there are older men on here beware dont give out private information unless they wantt to its not my decition its that person who is going live just saying but this app is not suppose to be bad your suppose to have fun on it and play games with other people around the world think about parents only 16 years and up should be aloud on this no younger than 16with people saying that it needs better moderators and admins or people to watch over the people streaming to make sure that nothing is going on. I actually think the app is cool if only people of legal age use it.

Anyone can click saying they have read the terms of use and privacy policy without actually reading the words. The more followers a person has can lead to more diamonds in their bank. He talks about his NC residence and his life being poor.

Best audio/texting, "user friendly " #Negative Aspects ; lacks administrative vigilance.Sure back in the day a PG rated movie could have a hint of sexual content in it, but this is totally different.I am going to let you all be aware for those of you parents trying to protect your children a few suggestions and tips to make sure your kids are properly a mysterious off the air dissapearence to the next live show with his wife coming on to talk about how Jimmy is sleeping but loves you all so I'll bs you for awhile. Please look this up under music and his jimmy will be seen. I was so furious to see kids around the age of 8 and 10 years old using this app without any adult supervision.Sexualization in media is starting to push its limits.

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