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However, a searchable list of all offenders in ND (including moderate and low risk offenders), can be downloaded for a particular city, county, or the entire state, by clicking the link “List of all offenders” on the sex offender website home page. Sex offenders are assessed a low, moderate, or high risk level by a nine-member committee appointed by the Attorney General.

For more information on Community notification, see Question No. The risk level is based on an actuarial risk assessment tool, psychological evaluations, and all available documentation from the offender's past.

Address information is routinely verified every three months for lifetime registrants and every six months for other offenders.

Offender employment and other information also are regularly verified. Every effort is made to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible.

The information on this website is updated every time there is a change to information on the official sex offender information system.

Changes of address, for instance, are reflected on the website as soon as those changes are entered on the sex offender database.

A homeless individual is required to register with the law enforcement agency in the area in which they are staying every three (3) days.

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All sex offenders appear on the sex offender website, but not sex offenders are shown with photographs and full details.

A copy of this registration form is sent to the Office of Attorney General, which notifies the local law enforcement agency (police department or sheriff's office) to expect the offender.

Within 3 days of arriving at a new location, the offender must take the registration papers to the law enforcement agency where he will be living, working or attending school.

At the law enforcement agency the offender is fingerprinted and photographed.

A copy of the completed registration form is sent to the Office of Attorney General.

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