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Voters selected their first, second, third and fourth choices.If there was no winner after the first-place choices were counted, the second choices were counted and so on.However, on a video posted on his campaign’s Facebook page Saturday night, Oosterhoff said he was “humbled.”“I ran to be a strong conservative voice, with conservative values and principles,” Oosterhoff said in the video.“Now that I am the candidate, the next big task is to keep this riding blue in the by-election.”The nomination was decided using a multi-choice vote.But now it is being reborn as the renewable energy capital of England, generating more electricity from solar, wind, biomass and landfill gas than anywhere else, and creating “new hope” in the area.It makes an astonishing 28 per cent of the electricity it uses from green sources – much of it from household solar panels and wind turbines, according to new research.However, the source said, many of Oosterhoff’s supporters did not select Quirk as their second choice.

At the same time, Williscraft won enough support away from Quirk and Dykstra to allow Oosterhoff to gain an advantage, Quirk said. Williscraft said Oosterhoff’s views served him well in the nomination campaign but may be a hindrance in the by-election.“Certainly the views of his church played a significant role in getting the support he did, but I don’t know how well that fits with the views and goals of the PC Party as a whole,” Williscraft said.Most of these are in turbine maintenance, which the population is particularly suited to because its fishing culture means that people know how to sail.The offshore turbines have not boosted Grimsby’s renewable energy statistics in themselves, because the research excludes sea-based turbines.Although Grimsby might not seem the obvious choice for a green capital – Brighton, with the country’s sole Green Party MP, or technology-obsessed Cambridge may seem more likely candidates – there are plenty of reasons why the town is head and shoulders above the rest.As an east coast town, it is close to the biggest cluster of offshore wind farms in Europe, which have brought around 1,500 jobs to the area.

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