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Ok ok ok, now, her mom is as you can see up there in that conversation, has a few problems. Her mom has beat on Jimee, and she is so tired of all the verbal abuse. So far her mom said so long as I dont come near Jimee she wont press charges. for example, a lot of people have had alcohol/drug problems in their past, but if it's in the past and not the present, then I don't know that it would have any bearing now. Maybe others on here can provide you with more information about this.

I love her so much, and we are going to wait till she IS 18 to be togather, IF we HAVE to. Mom's criminal record I'm sure isn't going to look good, but... Her sister has a few "issues" from what I've been told. Now my mom said she would adopt Jimee, and if Jimee wants to when she is 18 she can move in with us. Now for us to get married when she is 16 her mom would have to agree with that right?

we kept it a secret for 3 months, and when her mom found out she told Jimee (my girl friend) that she can never see me agian, and if I come near her she will have me arrested. i respect her parent's wishes and stay away from her, thats what i would mother decides who she can associate with for the next four years, and if she tells you not to see or contact her, thats her right, and you need to respect her decision, if you dont, she can cause you a lot of problems, you could end up facing serious criminal advice find an adult to date, and leave the children alone, before you get into serious trouble with the law Too many were too kind to you! By the way I don't buy were arent having sex until shes 18! Heres another news flash shes 14 do you really think shes knows what love is? I've gotten to the point where I make sure to check the date of the original post of a thread. It's too bad that there isn't a law that would allow a Judge to sentence someone to never being able to post again.Parents are probably worrying about how fast they’re kids are growing up, and kids never think they’re growing up fast enough. He can't or Sandy would beat him with a freeking stick! I guess I'll have to wait till she is 18 to be with her.

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