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It’s due to his creativity and determination, bringing the refugees together to do something, that he’s become a natural leader of the group.“People have talents, but they don’t know how to expose them,” he says.On a dusty road far from Nairobi’s city centre, a dozen young people – teens and twenty-somethings – live cooped up in a thinly furnished house. When a house meeting is called, bodies swiftly fill the only two sofas.They chat about chores and about who hasn’t paid rent.Most come from Uganda where, years ago, Evangelical Christians from America drummed up homophobia that culminated in arrests, public beatings and murders.In contrast to people fleeing places like South Sudan or Somalia, the majority of whom tend to be extremely poor, LGBT refugees come from all manner of circumstance.

But to her horror, she finds herself paralysed in the pews as the pastor preaches against the evils of homosexuality.“We see young boys dressing like girls, young girls like men,” says the fictional pastor.In reference to gay sex, he says, “even animals don’t behave like that.” “Abby thought the church would be her solace,” reads the prologue to the play. “Didn’t you hear what the pastor said, what he preached about ‘us’ ” she asks a gay friend after the service.Except, that is, for the moments when they must do precisely the opposite: chronicle their most intimate, often tragic stories during interviews that determine whether they’re eligible for resettlement to Europe or North America.They are perpetual outsiders – out of place in their own countries, and out of place while they wait in limbo to see what will become of them.

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