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Thomas 2 GP.129 Joshua (last name illegible) 1 GP.130 Jolene Caldwell 1 GP.131 Ken and Norma Franklin 1 GP. Moyer 3 GP.146 Ken Bechtol 3 GP.147 Sheryl and Jeffrey Brown 1 GP.148 Lee Roger Anderson 21 Organizations and Citizen Groups (OC) OC.l Neighbors Opposing Power Encroachment (N. The following list sets forth the names and addresses of all the Bordertown residents and the approximate location of the proposed WCFG alternative segment to them: 1 G-414 o Final EIR/S, November 1995 PART G. Ray and Nancy Gcrdes 300 Gerdcs Avenue Sparks, Nevada 89433 The Gerdesesown undeveloped acreage in Bordertown, Nevada. It is estimated that the center of the WCFG proposed route is less than 300 feet from there property line. The Branham property line is approximately 300 feet from the center of the WCFG proposed route and less than 300 feet from the edge of the WCFG proposed route. Her property line is approximately 300 feet, or less, from the distance of the center of the WCFG route and less than 300 feet from the edge of the WCFG route. In addition, the Bordertown residents have participated as a formal party in the hearings in Susanville, California held from May 22, to May, 25, 1995 to address the need and necessity issues.

They are presented in this section in their entirety. With the exception of the residential electric field standard 1 kv/in in Montana, all configurations (except the 345 k V H-frame structure) meet the standard. There was no justification for eliminating the Nevada altumative at those meeting because on the proponents inadequate exploration of alternate routes to get to the Nevada Alternative The draft document should address this lack of alturnatives offered when so many environmental advantages could accrue with the utilization of the Nevada altumative for as much of this North South distance as possible. joluyt Yl I lo& ($ U^KP' G-34 © Final EIR/S, November 199S PART G. Charles Parrotto 36 Sierra View Road Reno, Nevada 89506 Mr. Their property line would be approximately 400 feet from the center and 300 feet from the edge of the WCFG route. In order to mitigate the significant potential health effects resulting from the EMFs and the visual impacts, the Bordertown residents are proposing various alternatives that will be discussed in greater detail below which would not increase costs or pose any engineering concerns. LACK OF NOTICE TO BORDERTOWN RESIDENTS In November of 1993, Sierra Pacific Power ("Sierra") filed its application with the CPUC to construct and operate the Alturas Transmission Line. The applicant and Aspen should have at that time focused on expanding the scope of options that would have allowed the crossing beween California and the Nevada AJturnative, even if the objective of serving LMUD were added. Edward and Patricia Anderson 25 Sierra View Road Reno, Nevada 89506 The distance of the Anderson residence would be located approximately 600 feet from the center of the WCFG route. These issues will be addressed in greater detail as set forth below. Cantrall) 6 OC.3 Comstock Arabian Association (Bob Ramsey) i OC.4 Nevada All State Trail Riders (Michaele Tristram) i OC.5 Residents of Anderson Acres i OC.6 Residents of Horizon Hills i OC.7 Residents along Alternate Route WCFG 2 OC.8 Lassen Sportsmen Club (John R. With the proposed alignment, Truckee Meadows residents have exposure to the environmental degredation that could result in being an integral and unaviodable part of a path to move bulk energy to various markets out side our area Sierra will be getting both import and export capacity as a result of this merger and this project The 345 that will run all the way through reno as a result of this project could become a conduit or a "road" to move bulk power through the system For example, if the power that should accumulate on the eastern side of Sierra's the system by virtue of the merger become such that Sierra-WWP would like to move it through as bulk transmission to markets west of Reno, they might consequently need to enlarge the path through the Truckee Meadows and the North Valley Substation to 500 kv . ; •' RE: COMMENTSOFTHEBORDERTOWNRESIDENTSONTIIEALTURAS TRANSMISSION LINE DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IM PACT REPORT/STATEMENT (DEIR/S) CPUC APPLICATION NUMBER 93-11-018 BLM CASE NUMBER CACA-31406 IDENTIFICATION AND LOCATION OF I IIE BORDERTOWN RESIDENTS This letter, as well as any attached exhibits, constitute the written comments of the Bordertown residents on the Alturas Transmission Line Draft Environmental Impact Report/Statement (DEIR/S). and Janet Wheatley 28 Sierra View Road Reno, Nevada 89506 The location of the Wheatley residence and property line to the WCFG route is approximately the same as that of the Page property. The need and necessity issues were addressed in hearings in Susanvillc, California which took place in May of 1995. COMMENTS Comments related to the growth inducing and long term impacts of the proposed routing through the Reno Area vs the use of the Nevada Alternative with termination at Tracy. Parrotto's residence and property line is approximately the same distance from the WCFG route as the Page Property. In accordance with the CPUC's procedures, the application proceedings were bifurcated.

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