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(Based on my own very Jewish upbringing, I have to imagine that her name should have been Lisa Turtletaub, should the casting have panned out.) 4. Slater was supposed to be a “John Travolta character, Italian, a real ladies’ man.” Instead they settled on Mario Lopez (Julian Works).

Here are 100 things that APPARENTLY happened, if we’re to believe that the Diamond-produced ? Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Dylan Everett) and Lark Voorhies (Taylor Russell) had an immediate connection in the screen test waiting room, as evidenced by their making sexy rom-com eyes at each other at first glance. The role of Lisa Turtle was originally meant to be a Jewish-American princess. This is actually an amazing revelation and would have changed the face of ’90s television as we know it. Elizabeth Berkley (Tiera Skovbye) was also up for Kelly. Peter Engel once thought Elizabeth Berkley had range.

Playing himself, Fallon stepped back to the '90s to join Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack), Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly), Mario Lopez (Slater), Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie) and even Dennis Haskins (Mr."Jimmy going on a date with Nicole Kidman is like Jessie becoming a stripper,” Goselaar said, referencing Berkley's role in .Finally, Thiessen made her appearance, looking just like Kelly, except for one unexpected addition — her baby bump (Thiessen and husband Brady Smith recently announced they were expecting their second child)! Mark-Paul’s mom would only let him spend a week. Elizabeth, Lark, and Tiffani-Amber would often go shopping together at a store that offered rhinestone bras, flirty sundresses, and Grecian urns in the same display. Dustin played pranks on his fellow cast members, involving a tarantula (creepy! Mario skeezily brought girls to the Max set so that they would sleep with him and/or give him various Slaterjobs. ) used to go to the rooftop to hang out and make kisses. Lark didn’t make a big deal out of birthdays because she’s a Jehovah’s Witness. “We’re friends, and good actors,” she said with a straight face. Lark brought physical interaction into all the shady side-eye throwing that had been going on.

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