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Does anyone have advice about any aspect of my trip and situation? Reading through the threads in this forum, I came across one gentleman rcshott who said the women are "beautiful... I just hate being deceptive, so comments one way or the other would be helpful. If it sounds too good to be probably is.....The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence....I am only asking for a little help understanding the cultural differences so that I do not unintentionally hurt anyone.As I made my last post, I have decided that the best course of action is to just be honest with everyone about everything, much as I do at home.(Also, its funny to refer to them by numbers, but it's logical here :-)) Well I'm not a woman, but if you're truly interested in a Ukrainian woman, I don't think its wrong to meet all three on this trip. I don't know the full situation but it sounds like you settled for #1 because things with #2 and 3 didn't work out, but now that they're back, #1 can move aside.Whatever your choice, I think it's best to tell them all.I thought if the situation were reversed, and a woman was coming to America to spend time with me and I found out she was also meeting others here, I would be disappointed.

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Edit......after reading your post again,,,,women are not objects to be shopped for in a supermarket, to pick the best choice...... Thank you for posting you opinion, even though it is judgmental and not very helpful.

Note that I am not trying to find an incredibly young woman half my age, I don't want a housewife to make and raise babies, and I want an equal partnership, a real romance.

I have also suggested that she continue to pursue her career in America, or I will even consider moving to Ukraine.

I get very good feelings from her and she's stayed positive and given me the feeling that this will be ok.

We have traded full names and postal addresses, and everything seems on the level so far.

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