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But the tabloid has almost never been accurate when it comes to Aniston, having spent the last few years making up wedding, baby, and breakup tales.There was even a story last year that outrageously (and wrongly) claimed Aniston and Le Blanc had an affair during the show’s heyday.Trust us, you might have heard of some of these relationships, but you'll definitely be shocked to find out who Monica Geller once called a boyfriend... Remember those terrifying hours when all we had to go on about the Jennifer Aniston-Justin Theroux wedding was a TMZ report, and Courteney Cox wasn’t listed as one of the guests?

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I don’t think you can keep pushing your body like that.

Though everyone in their friend group — Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow), Monica (played by Courteney Cox), Joey (played by Matt Le Blanc), and Chandler (played by Matthew Perry), can see the uncanny resemblance between Ross and Russ, both Ross and Rachel are hilariously unable to see the similarities. If it was really the A-list actor, then why is the role credited to Snaro?

David allegedly used the pseudonym as a clever way to keep viewers guessing about the identity of the actor.

Because that’s what the outlet does: spreads misinformation in hopes people will fall for it, accuracy be damned.

In this case, a rep for Aniston exclusively slams the “cold shoulder” allegations to Gossip Cop as pure “nonsense.” By the way, check out the photo of Schwimmer and Aniston arm-in-arm at the event below.

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