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Custom-build companies specialize in creating one-of-a-kind apps for their clients.

Companies like these typically employ large teams of designers, developers and project managers.

Some DIY creators help their customers submit their apps for approval (and even include the cost of submission in the subscription fee) while others don't.

Before committing to a no-code platform, ask how the company is handling current app store guidelines.

Early adopters in the small business custom app game were primarily owners of restaurants and gyms, but now, thanks to an increase in mobile application development options, many SMB owners are creating apps to reach their customer base, improve customer service, increase internal efficiency and boost brand awareness.

Despite the obvious merit of having a custom app, many SMBs stop short when confronted with the sheer variety of options for development.

They only have one codebase, which makes them easier to update.

The downside to this type of mobile app is that no one will come across your business's app in the app store; they'll have to already be aware of your website.

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The price range for a custom build varies wildly depending on the functionality and complexity of the app, the number of platforms the app will be designed for and the size of the development company.On the flip side, hybrid apps can have problems with the app store approval process, especially in the i Tunes App Store.As with creating a native app, you should always ask app makers that specialize in hybrid apps how they approach the app store submission process.No-code app creation platforms are popular because of their user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface and low cost.Most no code services allow you to design your app for free and then charge a publishing fee (between and 0) as well as a monthly subscription fee, which ranges from around to 0 a month, depending on the features included.

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