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I would go there mainly for sex but also because you somehow get an enjoyment out of it.

I went there on New Year’s Eve and had a fantastic time.

Description: English separated lady, live with my 2 adult children, dog and 2 cats.

Ireland has had gay saunas since at least the 1980s, although they’re rarely talked about in the mainstream media, or even in the LGBTQ community.

Dublin is home to two of them: the Boilerhouse and the Dock, places where huge numbers of gay and bisexual men of all ages, forgoing smartphone technology, still go to have sex.

Campbell says that a lot of the men who go to the sauna are “very secretive” about their sexuality, and the sauna provides the anonymity they want.

Mark, who is 48, and also goes to saunas abroad, agrees that the Dock tends to be visited mainly by older men.

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