Intp esfj dating

It's been very enlightening and fun to read through your posts, and your great writing skill (as an INFJ) does shine through and through!I am 29 year-old INFJ, currently in a relationship with an ESFJ man.We're also in the midst of a miserable heat wave in central Illinois. It's hot, muggy, and the pollen count is higher than Cheech & Chong.

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At the core of our relationship, my husband and I are good friends. I think that's helped us navigate the rocky waters we've been swimming in for the past eleven years.Then we happened to have a connection outside of work that led to some personal conversation.From that connection, we quickly became friends, and that's when the romance began to blossom.I happened to be talking with a friend and joked, "Do you think this wedding seems like a business contract? You've built a bond on friendship, and when things get tough, that's what will hold it together.Too many couples fall in love and then fizzle out later.

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