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Working with list item attachments is not the best option, but it makes sense at certain points.

For example it is a good place to store a pdf-version of your list item or other additional information to the listitem.

Go to “Form Options” and select “Programming” from the category and click on “Remove Code” button Now select “C#” and set the path of the code to where a location you know: And click ok to return back to form.

Now I would set the ID of all the buttons on the form as below Now I go back to the “OK” button and “Button Properties” and click “Edit From Code” So Now I see a screen of Visual Studio as below: Now I need to write some authentication with this code….

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When the user clicks submit I want to ensure that at least one checkbox per repeating table has been ticked.

You can accomplish this functionality as follows: Copyright: This article may not be used on web sites (whether personal or otherwise), copied, disseminated, altered, printed, published, broadcasted, or reproduced in any way without an expressed written consent.

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I was just in the middle of writing a validating event handler for the table which would set a validation variable to either true or false but I realised that the main data source is read-only on validating and changed events.

How would I go about checking that something has been ticked in the repeating table before the form is submitted?

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