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Sehun and Luhan fall hopelessly in love with eachother.

Declared my support for William Howard Taft, thanked the Good Lord Above for Obama’s victory, marked the anniversaries of Kristallnacht and the JFK assassination, helped our house come out of the closet as a lesbian, crashed another celebrity funeral, started going to the movies with wild abandon, and considered plucking my own turkey.Headed east to Manhattan, went nuts on Broadway, avoided Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service guards at "Saturday Night Live," made contact with one of my favorite hotties from Tudor England, paid homage to the new 50-year-olds (from Alec Baldwin to Eve Plumb to Viggo Mortensen), and condemned Barack Obama’s ugliest vice.Came clean about my brief stint as a truck smuggler in Germany, spent time with a pre-60 Minutes Mike Wallace, spewed religious venom at the motherfucker who stole my computer, and watched my daughter become a woman.But mostly, Seung Wan just wonders what their music set list is like.It surely would’ve helped a bunch, to have that music identifying app, had her phone been compatible with the darned thing in the first place. She does it the old fashioned way – she asks.(ORSon Seung Wan is a college radio DJ who’s constantly on the lookout for new material to play on her midnight show.

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