Iacp consolidating police services

One disadvantage of the shared services consolidation may be duplication of personnel and management, but our experience is that personal preferences and political realities may not support consolidation beyond this shared services approach.

The needs and capabilities of each agency are reviewed on an individual basis.

Typically, this includes the CAD, 911 Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) Automatic Number Identification / Automatic Location Identification (ANI/ALI), logging recording, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, and possibly the RMS system.

In some cases, it may also be preferable to share radio system resources.

The most challenging issues, however, usually involve personnel: parallel staffing for each agency, with multiple, separate schedules, pay scales, leave policies, and supervisors may prove inefficient.

After completing dozens of consolidation studies and working with numerous county, city and state agencies on emergency communications issues, we have observed cycles of embracing and fearing the consolidated dispatch center.

These factors necessarily limit the number of CAD vendors, RMS vendors, and equipment vendors available because smaller vendors are not able to handle the increased capacity In this scenario, multiple dispatch centers are moved to the same physical location, but maintain separate operations.

Often, this type of consolidation will bring together all of the agencies into one center located in the same building.

A key advantage of this approach is the opportunity to share equipment costs and to reduce purchase and maintenance costs.

In addition, shared technical support may increase interoperability and operational awareness.

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