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"But if there's something I haven't considered, then I'll have to consider it," she said.

"I'm sure this all won't be easy for employees, and in a way it's a real shame because we've made quite a lot of progress since last February.

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Uber maintains that if such were stolen, none of them have factored into its own Li DAR designs.Uber used a controversial stack-ranking system, pioneered by Jack Welch and mimicked by Yahoo's Marissa Mayer, that encouraged negative reviews.Staff complaints about bad managers — 63% of Uber’s managers had never led people before — are being addressed by “cajoling” supervisors into leadership skill-building sessions designed by Harvard advisor Frances Frei, said Hornsey.Undaunted by such issues, Uber continues to press ahead with its aggressive game plan.That includes its ongoing technological efforts to get rid of the most costly part of its business model (the driver) via self-driving car tech; targeting 2020 for a demo of a flying car project called Uber Elevate; and, last week, announced it was pushing into the trucking space with Uber Freight.

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