How to say speed dating in french

If you want to be efficient try out our Speed dating. We will meet in a friendly atmosphere at a cozy place at Internationals yoga studio.Our Internationals yoga studio is situated in the city center you will feel really like at home. We want you tobe efficient at the Speed dating and do not do any mistake what can hold you from having your dream partner.We will serve delicious home made Slovak food and drinks. On 7th of April at 19.30 at Námestie SNP 22, Bratislava. We will tell you about the most common mistakes what people usually do on a date.We have prepared a short lecture for you: „7 mistakes to avoid on a date and in relationship.” At the and we add some more tips where to meet your love.Sometimes we concentrate that much on that, what is going on online, that we totally forget to go somewhere and meet people in person.Many people just complain that they are single, but if I asked them what they do to meet new people, to meet somebody ho understand them they say they don´t know what to do and where to go, to meet like minded people.

It is very well organized : after 8 minutes when you hear the gong, you start speaking in the other language for another 8 minutes!

But where to meet like minded people and searching for the right person if you are an expats living in Bratislava, not speaking well our hard language?

We prepared a few tips for you to make searching for the right person easier especially if you are an expat living in Bratislava, not speaking well our hard language. Here you go: Coachsurfing meeting Bratislava language exchange (BLEM) German language exchange French language exchange Russian speaking community It doesn´t matter if it is your mother language or if you just started to learn it.

Gentlemen will move to a next lady and ladies will get another partner to talk with.

These five minutes are enough to have a small talk, exchange basic information and decide if you can imagine to have next date with a person or you don´t want to see him or her again.

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