Hosted adult webcam platform solution

We have been designing Adult Webcam Software since the late 1990's and have some of the best Flash developers in the industry working on our design team.

When we design any type of Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software, we design it with the customer in mind.

Good luck customizing other scripts on the market, most of the code is encrypted or simply does NOT work in the first place.

This Adult Webcam Software nearly runs itself, your job is simply to make sure performers are of legal age and keep track of payout's.

This should be a fun experience, not a horrible one.

Over the years we have done very well and it's due to the fact we realize most of our customers are not "Web Designers" so with that in mind we know we need to design a Pay Per View Adult Webcam Script that is easily altered, CSS can be horrifying to a newcomer to the design world, so we have simply divided the CSS as well as all of the PHP code out into sections, this allows our customers to alter each individual page themselves with a lot more ease than we have seen in any other script so far.

The security solution is clearly a marketing stunt meant to draw media attention to the webcast platform, and to that end it’s clearly working.

But in a statement announcing Dick-ometrics, Cam Soda VP Darren Press offered a cogent enough explanation of what such a solution has to offer over fingerprint or iris recognition, arguing that “unlike fingerprints and eyeballs, penises are not exposed to the public a lot of the time”.

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