High risk account dating merchant online

So, what are the typical high-risk verticals or business models?

Here are some of the industries: travel, dating, adult entertainment, advanced bookings, Forex, telemarketing, pharmacy, gambling, gaming and many more.

The organization keeps a distinct account for each individual.

Nominal accounts: This account is related to temporary incomes, expenses accounts, and losses are classified as nominal accounts." class="glossary Link "Account Classification Personal Account: the Related account of Real person and companies are classified as personal accounts.

It is common practice for payment processors to apply a rolling reserve towards the merchant account, which can potentially be used by the acquiring bank to offset these chargebacks.

Reserve puts additional layer of protection for the bank against some unexpected behaviors from the merchant’s side.

We offer solutions for virtually anyone and serve business such as: Strip Clubs, Online Smoke Shops, Online Adult novelty stores, E-Cigarettes Online, Online Vapor Stores, Restaurants, Bars, Dating and Escort Services, Credit Repair, Collection Agencies, US-based IT Tech Support, Firearms Distribution, Online Hookah Shops and more.

High-risk merchant is expected to pay chargeback fees.

In order to become a successful company, you cannot afford to miss out on the action.

High risk merchant accounts help you accept credit cards.​If your business lacks the capability of online credit card processing services – High Risk Solutions is the low-cost high risk credit card processing service you need.

It is important to understand that not all banks would like to work with any industry and therefore our job, here at Magic Pay, is to find the bank that will work with your type of business.

Although certain industries (listed below) are considered high risk, some industries that may be on the “safer side” may still be considered by some banks to be high risk, and that may be due to previous bankruptcies the owner of the firm may had in the past, unsatisfactory credit history, length of company in business and so forth.

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