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While it was relegated to a handheld-only release, Vice City Stories brought us back to the city we knew and loved with expanded character background and an adjusted map.All of that great stuff is paired with even cooler empire-building and gang war mechanics that sort of set the standard for crime-based games to follow.He's almost as good as the silent protagonist from an even better GTA game.Release Year: 2001Best Quality: You can run around Liberty City without having to hear the protagonist talk.While the end result is the same, it's a likable character-type that repeats itself with Luis in the Ballad of Gay Tony. Worst Quality: The tired Po C gang tropes that this game is filled with.In terms of world size, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the GTA V of the aughts. Your protagonist, CJ, was also heavily customizable—an aspect that continues to be unique to this entry in the series.Release Year: 2009Best Quality: Handlebar moustaches, I guess. Worst Quality: The best quality is the only quality worth mentioning.Though this is the game that started it all, I find that it's aged poorly and doesn't have a ton going for it in retrospect.

Luis was a pretty cool guy and it was hard not to like him after all was said and done.

In San Andreas you could be dating, Hot Coffee-ing, BMX-ing or virtually anything else you felt like you needed to be doing. Worst Quality: All of Niko's clothes were horrible and I hated how you couldn't make him date a guy.

In the next GTA game, all of that would disappear... While oh-so-serious Grand Theft Auto IV marked the removal of a number of interesting elements from GTA: SA, it signaled Rockstar's shift into its HD universe.

This is the perfect time to think back on each and every one of those stories and decide which ones are better than the rest.

Before we start, I just want you all to know that every single #Grand Theft Auto game is a masterpiece in its own right. With that in mind, here are the masterpiece #Video Games of the Grand Theft Auto series ranked from worst to best! I imagine the thought process on this story, one of the two Episodes from Liberty City, was something like "It'd be cool if we made an episode about biker guys."Guess what, Rockstar? Release Year: 1997Best Quality: It's the first game in the series!

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