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Where you'll find them: Serving you breakfast, lunch, and dinner at all Los Angeles restaurants.

Pickup line they'll use: "My number's on the back." (Of your bill.)How to repel them: Tell them you were just cast as the lead in Kathryn Bigelow's next film, and watch as their expressive eyes fill with envious tears.

Pickup line they'll use: "Do you like black and white movies?

How to repel them: Respond with, "Is that, like, a new kind of Vine?

"How to repel them: Tell them you're a psychiatrist and self medicating. Where you'll find them: At super trendy spots where paparazzi hide in the bushes.

Pickup line they'll use: "Have you ever been to the Chateau? Where you'll find them: Lurking outside of comedy clubs, scribbling on pieces of paper at open mic nights, and being the loud, obnoxious type at a bar.

"How to repel them: Tell them you own a Blackberry.

Pickup line they'll use: "Want to be on my podcast?I saw Bruce Willis drive by there once."How to repel them: You know what, just walk away. Pickup line they'll use: They'll likely spot you in a crowd and make you the butt of a joke, like an asshole.How to repel them: Tell them your favorite comedian is Carrot Top.Being a woman, you may think that it really doesn’t matter what you write in your dating profile and all that guys are looking at when they are browsing women’s profiles on the dating sites is their photos.I am sure that it is true with regard to some men, but not all.

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