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The council made the change after it received complaints about two clips aired on the French-language Canadian radio station CKOI-FM.One of the clips featured Madonna saying “fuck you” during the Women’s March in Washington, D.Keep up with this story and more “Language is evolutionary and reflects current society,” the statement added.

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Curley confirmed Christie "ordered" him to the Keansburg event with a threat of political attack. Curley recalled Christie responding, "Yeah, but we've got to work together."Curley said he did not feel like Christie worked against him politically since that exchange, but the two also have not interacted much since then."I have had no relationship with him, but then again there was no reason to," Curley said.

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C., while the other was an aired excerpt of a Green Day concert where singer Billie Joe Armstrong says, “What the fuck?! ”The complainant argued that the radio station was airing the clip multiple times on purpose, but officials said Madonna’s speech and the march were of “obvious public interest.”The radio station had argued that the word is so omnipresent that it no longer has the ability to shock.“We acknowledge that some sensible ears may be offended,” the station told the council.

“However, in French culture, this word doesn’t arouse much reaction.”Even with its recent decision, the panel said Canadians can’t go off cursing whenever they want just yet.

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