Friends match me dating app

All calls made without specifying a version will behave as v2.0 calls.In addition, any calls that specify v1.0 will be converted to v2.0 beha Apps created after April 30, 2014 can only request v2.0 or higher.

Developers can opt-in to the changes at any time by updating their apps to call API v2.0, or by enabling the switch in their app's migration settings to upgrade an app without making any code changes.Starting on April 30th, we'll gradually migrate all apps still using API v1.0 to API v2.0.We will also remove access to any permissions that have not been approved for use via Login Review.With the addition of new features, Tinder is a serious contender in the ephemeral messaging sphere.That being said, because Tinder’s new Moments feature makes an image available to all your matches it may not be the best option for those looking for a more intimate sexting experience.

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