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He bought a 1933 Aston Martin Le Mans from America and was keen to find its original registration."The car was purchased new by Sir Malcolm Campbell shortly after he took the World Land Speed Record," he says.Most of those numbers are made to look as if they are within the Continental United States, but in many cases these are in small offshore countries, where the phonesex provider is getting a large per-minute rate from the telephone company.If you're unsure about an area code, you can always look it up first to find out where you're really calling.The rates are clearly stated for domestic and international calls, including two woman calls and cyber texting. Customer service and contact info is easy to find, and they have a satisfaction guarantee.When I visited, they were hiring and had an online application form as well as basic information about the work.Interest in personal number plates goes back more than 100 years, to when the first British numbers were issued.

True, cherished-registration enthusiasts prefer the original issues (such as X1) to some of the more inventive numbers, such as B1 MBO, M4 TCH or the incredible ORG 45M.The most desirable finishing touch for any motor has to be a personalised registration.But if you can't afford solid gold, you don't buy it, do you?Later, Arthur Askey owned AA 10 and Norman Wisdom was proud to show off 1 NW.In the 1960s, it seemed that everyone who was anyone had a personalised number.

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