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The spokesperson also reminded people that it is illegal to publicly show pornographic photographs.The spokesperson called on everybody to cease showing or forwarding the relevant photograph to avoid legal trouble."Any distribution, downloading, transference or publication of the image is illegal.We have already passed the case to lawyers to follow up.A comparison showed some similarities, but it is far from identical (e.g.

At the Hong Kong Golden Forum, more than 2,000 people posted comments within a period of five hours.

The woman in the photograph showed her right nipple as well as her vagina. Netizens began a debate over the authenticity of the photograph.

Some Photoshop experts thought that it was nearly impossible to fake a fuzzy photograph because it is hard to reproduce the noise in the background in a consistent way.

At around 3am, another photograph appeared showing a man and a woman engaged in a sexual act.

The two bore some resemblance to Edison Chen and Bobo Chan.

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