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“Men on Craigslist have given me somewhere to stay in the city temporarily, while I go for job interviews close by,” says Natalie. I feel lucky really as he seems friendly and has even been helping me rewrite my CV,” she says, clutching her coffee.

My stomach folds like a deckchair at the word “lucky”.

When I ask about her family, her eyes fall downwards to the table.

However, unlike my previous landlords who only required me to pay a deposit, my rent on time and to not fuck up their house, this guy requires no deposit, no rent and that I fuck him every now and then.The concept of ‘freedom’ can, as in this instance, mean economic freedom.” Otherwise known as financial independence.Conway gives me an example of the case of R v Kirk, where a homeless teenager agreed to sex with a man in exchange for £3.25 to buy food.” When I question her for information about the exact details of her living arrangement, she stiffens and gives another unsure laugh. Sometimes I’ll just do chores or walk the dog.” That evening, I chew over how she appears to have ‘normalised’ her situation for hours and, although I’ve never been religious, send out a prayer to the universe for her. For a minute I try to dodge them like verbal tennis balls, responding with false answers, until he implores me to undo a button on my blouse so he can see my nipples. Time to leave – I knock back the last of my wine, blabber an excuse about meeting a friend for dinner and dash down the street into the nearest corner shop to buy cigarettes with a shaky hand.“I told Jayesh not to expect anything of me on the first night that I moved in as I was ill, but since then… Back in the pub, and after a casual discussion about the business he runs, Marc asks me to stand up in an authoritative voice. “Let me see your body,” he commands, spinning me round with the hand not clutching his drink. Hot rage and embarrassment surges; I immediately sit back down and shuffle as far away from him as possible on the leather bench. The thought of him slapping my backside makes me shudder for hours afterwards.

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