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Mijangos infected his victims’ computers with malware, allowing him to gain access to their email accounts, turn on their webcam to take secret movies, and search their PCs for sexually explicit and intimate images and videos.In some cases, Mijangos also posed as some of the victims’ boyfriends to convince them to send him nude pictures. Mijangos would threaten to post his victims’ intimate images online unless they provided him with more sexually explicit photos and videos for his personal gratification.

I wonder if subtleties are going to quite hit the mark. Hang on, peep all you like grandpa, it'll all be a blur anyway.

I guess the answer to that might be, when realisation hits you that you're seeing something you shouldn't be looking at, but you're still looking.

I was going to tease you and ask if it's ok then as long as the person doesn't know it's wrong, but knowing it's wrong does matter.

In this week’s episode Noah & Carina chat about Ashley Madison's rebranding, as well as a new porn site that donates money every time you have an orgasm, and a Chinese artist who is hot water for filming a woman using her vagina to paint calligraphy.

The episode also features an interview with Kate Mc Combs, a sex educator who explains why adults need sex ed as much as kids.

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