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Only place I have entered this card online is setting up a Pay Pal Honduras account.

I think this charge is someone testing the information.

I appreciate very much if you do the write thing, My birthday today, and I don't need this matter Kindly. I purchased Nike Airmax from this company on 11/01/2017 haven’t received any tracking data also unable to contact the company ..

Called to find out and they say I purchased a camera lens and the agreement is for something automatic. Why did you download money from my card- 61,34 USD? Please explain to [email protected] because I will understand why you are lying to people. Showing on my Union Bank checking a/c a debit .95 dated 11/03/17 ref: Fox Saving 866-2208051 CA I have no connections with Fox Savings and no authorizations to charge my Union Bank a/c has been issued.

Pensavo davvero di comprare un tv color invece ho inserito i dati della mia carta di credito e mi sono stati sottratti 123 euro salvo poi apparire la scritta che mi diceva di cambiare carta di credito perchè quella appena adoperata non andava bene..tanti saluti ai miei 123 euro, LADRI e TRUFFATORI Hi, I look cancelled my membership [email protected] I want stop pay again I cant found cancelled my membership I want cancelled. I ask for this moner to transfer back to my accountasap . Found 2 separate charges in November for .95, one was Krauser Series the other Fox Savings. Then looked back and there was one charge in October for Kraiser for .95 also. Be careful what you buy on line and check statements monthly is my lesson.

If so, I assume it was through your bank and not contact with the company? , with this two items, I now look at the statement it came out the same time. Scam, ask your credit card company to reverse the charges.

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