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Focus your You Tube Marketing on users who are directly within your target demographic (age, gender, location) and those who watch, comment and rate videos like your own.

Read more about Targeting your Audience Doing things by hand is so '2011'. Tube Toolbox automates Sending Messages, Sharing Videos & Posting Comments while you're busy on other tasks or even asleep.

And the good news is, Tube Toolbox is permitted by Youtube. After at least 1 year of using the software I can say that Tube Toolbox is definitely the best way to promote your music or business on Youtube! In the first month alone I gained about 1500 subs solely from using Tube Tool Box. tube toolbox changed everything within weeks of running it, my subscribers went up by hundreds, my views more than tripled and it gave me the attention i 16th before using Tube Toolbox: 127 subs.

I don't really even need the help of Youtube's lack luster partner program.

Try the software, for just a month, and tell me you don't see a considerable difference.

I totally recommend it and the best part is, you dont have to worry about YT getting you banned or shutting your account down because this software stays within You Tube's TOS, how cool is that?

I think everyone that starts with You Tube should know about Tube Toolbox.

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