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Companies in gaming, communications, search, how are we going to offer our product in a social way on a social infrastructure. It's not just about registered users, or active users. (This is great -- Zuck is going all mathematical on us and explaining what logarithmic growth is.) Moore's law is the most famous instance of logarithmic growth -- 2x the transistors on the same chip every 18 months. We'll grab some screens and post them as they come up. He didn't say much about what they've done to get ready -- no technical detail. So the group chat gives users an ad-hoc way to set up groups without doing that up front. "I wouldn't rule anything out." But don't undersell the importance of what we have today. We'll see a lot of companies who haven't looked at social in their apps. Netflix is a good example -- they're trying to do social well. If we build the best service, there's massive value.

"Hopefully we'll get to a billion at some point." It's about the rate at which they're sharing more stuff. The amount they share today is twice what they shared a year ago. If you folded a piece of paper 50 times, it would go to the moon and back more than 10 times -- it's 2 to the 50th power times the height of a paper. All this is a looooong way of saying "we're ready." : Aha -- Skype just tweeted that they're looking forward to some "awesome" news being shared. New sidebar at lower right shows all your friends online, you get a new camera icon to start video call. Kind of like Google Circles, without having to actually set up those groups manually. It's going to be a hybrid in these places to build on top of social infrastructure as it already exists. Q: Any concern people will switch from direct Skype usage to Facebook? Zuck: You contact a friend, something pops up on their screen.

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Check on the list who is currently online and just call him using Skype, MSN, ICQ or Yahoo!

But until recently people had open questions whether it would be this widespread ubiquitous phenomenon. "We're not everywhere yet, but there's this clear arc where the world generally believes it is going to be everywhere." Billions of people, "whether it's us or somebody else doing it." Last few years, companies who were really serious about desktop software started building Web apps. NOT like traditional Skype where both people have to have the software. We were working with Skype before Tony came on board. Zuck: I'm not going to say a lot about Google , we've only spent a little time on the service. "We try to develop each thing and make it really good." Q: How will this impact infrastructure? One of the fundamental innovations Skype had is it's all peer to peer. "It would have been fine if you were an independent company too." Now it's a sense of stability.

There are my personal favorites: Cisco Tele Presence: Remember the TV show 24? Unfortunately, when Microsoft "upgraded" Net Meeting to Windows Meeting Space with Vista, they also broke its compatibility with Ekiga and other third-party programs.What I find most annoying about Face Time is that it could work with SIP-based programs such as Ekiga.Apple, as usual, chose to lock it down with proprietary extensions. Google Voice: Why use just a Vo IP service, when you can replace all your phone needs with Google Voice?And Facebook has a huge built-in user base of semi- and non-technical people who can get going on this right away. It's hard to find people online, even though the number is massive. That said, Google really stole Facebook's thunder with Hangouts last week -- it offers group chat with up to 10 people simultaneously, while the Facebook feature offers only one to one calls, just like regular Skype. : Mark Zuckerberg just walked in, he's hanging out by the free drink refrigerator. : Zuck: "Today marks the beginning of 'launching season' in 2011." They've been working hard. You either have to click on buddy list to pop it up, or the "face pile" on the home page (you have to know what your friends' icons look like). I can go to a profile, even if they haven't installed plug-in to do video chat, quick call and it'll pop up on his screen.

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