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Nash admitted in her testimony she did not know, at the time of her letter, that Paden had confessed to the crime and pled guilty.Zahnd let her know a press release would be going out with names of letter writers included.Those of us who live in Platte County but not within the city limits of Kansas City are simply spectators in this election.As stated here previously, I’m on board with this proposal.Perhaps, if you’re the skittish type, you might even temporarily feel a lack of control over your bodily functions. And it should not be a career-damaging moment for a widely respected prosecutor.****** You’ll want to catch Landmark Live this week on our Facebook page at County Landmark.

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Public information is public information, after all.Remember in last week’s column when I speculated this week would be nutty? ****** For up to 16 hours (a little less than that if you count the lunch breaks) testimony was given in the ethics complaint against Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd by John O’Connor, a criminal defense attorney.As you’ll see in our report on the front page, the hearing was held in a meeting room at City Hall in Platte City.The details of that abuse, which I won’ t go into here, are sickening.Zahnd explained he had several reasons for sending subpoenas to letter writers, and for including the names in a subsequent press release identifying them as having sent letters on Paden’s behalf.

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