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Angel walked confidently to the elevator bays and greeted several co-workers, including a woman she manages.At the reception desk, Angel asked me to wait on a tan faux-leather bench where some trainees were chatting jovially in Tagalog about getting their IDs, while Angel spoke to her compliance officer to get clearance for me to go inside.However, her mom did not allow her to wear dresses or skirts and pressured her to wear men’s clothing when she became an adult.Angel presented as male the first time she entered the call center industry in 2005, like the vast majority of workers who now identify as trans women.

Companies like IBM, JPMorgan, and e Bay have set up customer service operations in the Philippines; as descendants of American colonization, Filipinos often speak English with lighter accents and have greater access to American culture than Indians, who were colonized by the British.There are now more than 1 million call center workers in a country of 98 million, and the industry accounts for an estimated 10% of the Philippine economy.Because trans women in the Philippines are legally classified as men, there are no reliable statistics to quantify their numbers in the industry.They cannot change their names or gender markers on any legal documents, even if they have sex reassignment surgery.There are LGBT employment protections in some areas of Manila, but not in Pasig, where Angel works.

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