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Black light would make their names appear, witnesses said in police reports cited by

The meetings ended after Oestrike accidentally fired a high-powered handgun through a wall.

Detectives found a message with “Hard Mike” asking Oppenneer and Slocum to meet Oestrike on July 12.

A state police forensics trooper was then able to link the email address associated with “Hard Mike” to a Facebook account used by Oestrike.

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“I think it was pure evil from start to finish,” Wyoming Police Chief James Carmody said Thursday, when police finished releasing records in the case showing that Oestrike has multiple whips, swords, bondage tools and other weapons in his home.

The recordings of Oestrike, who videotaped most of his gruesome assault on Slocum, were shot on four surveillance cameras he set up in his home.

Police tracked him down after locating the Craigslist ad posted by Oppenneer and Slocum, reported.

Narratively’s Daniel Krieger headed to the rooftop lounge at The Delancey on Manhattan’s Lower East Side to hear some of their stories.

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