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We’re glad to see their agreement that coal “should” be radiocarbon dead.If it is not, then that is prima facie evidence that coal is not millions of years old.Nobody knows if C14 production has always been in a steady state, yet that is required knowledge to make the method reliable. For dates that can be cross-checked from historical records, like the date of Hezekiah’s Tunnel (9/10/03), the method is probably fairly reliable.But what of dates before written records were kept? There are coal beds that have been burning for thousands of years from lightning strikes.Since then atmospheric observations show the levels have been dropping, and are now close to the pre-industrial proportions.The scientists seem unaware of carbon-14 reported from coal (9/25/03), diamonds, and dinosaur bones (see 6/18/15).Should battlefields be left alone as memorials, redeveloped for tourism, or preserved for the archaeologists of the future?

First, there is the question of how to treat human remains.The sale of such items, says Dr Saunders, has provided an important source of income ever since refugees first returned to the area after the conflict.Archaeologists, though, regard such activities as looting.The Tunguska impact of 1908 flattened many square miles of forest. How do they know a meteor didn’t hit a coal seam in the unobserved past?How do they know volcanic eruptions didn’t release fossil fuels?

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