Ethan hawke dating julie delpy

'I was looking for actors who would be creative and honest and all the things you’d require for what I had in mind for Jesse and Celine.They were 23 at the time, just getting to know each other.

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And I don’t think I could have written about being in a relationship for 10 years or being a mother if I hadn’t lived that myself.’ Still, it is not hard to see parallels between these fictional characters and the real lives that shaped them.

'At the time, we had no idea it would turn out this way, or run so long,’ Linklater says.

'We could never have done all this on purpose,’ Hawke insists.

, but Ethan Hawke's onscreen kiss with Angelina Jolie are still fresh in the actor's memory. Angelina Jolie was born to whittle men, to make them weak.

"With all due respect — the woman has been in the press a lot lately — but I will say, the best onscreen [kiss] I ever had was [with] Angelina Jolie," the 42-year-old actor confessed to talk show host Andy Cohen during an episode of Bravo's on Wednesday, May 29. When she kisses you, you don't know your name." In the flick, which features several steamy scenes, Hawke plays an art salesman whom Jolie's FBI agent character is ordered to protect. PHOTOS: 30 most romantic movies of all time When it comes to kissing and telling off-screen, however, Hawke was a little more discreet.

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