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and he speaks for them, not just as a party, but also as a body that is looking to their own constituents. it really is absolutely -- i sort of run out of adjectives to describe some of the things that happened throughout this 2016 election cycle. he's a man of policy, a man of ideology, philosophy. if you've gone to extremes to escapetry clarispray.ergies. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. donald trump, taking the, going to respond to paul ryan's statement, highest elected republican in the country saying he cannot back donald trump and he's not the only one tonight. very difficult race, largely because of donald trump. you just heard yet another republican say it will be hard to support your dad. i mean, two, three times what other primaries were. that he's open to any way to do that, that he needs to, including vp. so this allows all of the members of the republican rank and file inside the house to have some running room, to have some breathing room. but i -- seismic is the word i used earlier and i still think that is absolutely the case. did paul ryan do this because he himself is looking at 2020? and a man who is fundamentally committed to governing, being part of the governing establishment. add in our 110% price match guarantee and our prices are unbeatable. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. jeff flake saying he has a hard time voting for the presumptive nominee. of course, the breaking news, house speaker, paul ryan said he's not ready to back your father. more people voted for him at this point than, you know, any past primary. we're talking about a police state and building walls. paul ryan wants to -- whether donald trump wins or loses, he wants to be there. the opportunity was to take what paul ryan said and spin it back at him. somebody like john mccain and the republican establishment saying donald trump is not conservative enough. if donald trump loses to pick up the pieces and move on to keep the house majority, senate majority and maybe down the road can run for president. because we do anticipate his response, speaking to paul ryan. listen, we've got to get to know the guy, take some time. believe me, the one thing my father can do is unify the party. no one wants to talk about it, but it's so great we're out ahead of the democrats. you know, that's the difference between my father and a regular politician. is there something specific that he has done or said that has brought you to this moment? so it will be interesting to see if a meeting between paul ryan and trump does come together. and when donald trump speaks there, we are going to listen to him. your father, the presumptive republican nominee, and the current -- head of the republican party. the amount of democrats and independents that are switching over to the republican party because they want to vote for him is unprecedented. you will hear it, because this what you're saying is, a fairly dramatic announcement that the speaker of the house cannot as of now support his party's nominee for president. we want somebody who takes these conservative prciples, applies them to the problems and offers solutions to the country that a vast majority of americans can vote for, that they want to be enthusiastic about. that, i think there's work that needs to be done in order to unify the party. we're expecting trump himself to be on the hill to meet with folks.

In the same interview, Giuliani, a staunch Donald Trump supporter, defended the GOP nominee against accusations of sexual assault and said he disliked men who touched women inappropriately.lowellhsyearbooks porthuroncentralhsyearbooks plattsburghstatenormalschoolyearbooks newinternationayearbooks lowelldistricthsyearbooks collegeofnewrochelleyearbooks stateteacherscollegeatlowellyearbooks it is bizarre, wolf. speaker of the house tells cnn he is not ready to back donald trump. plus, donald trump's son, live in studio with me on paul ryan, the vp search and his father's cinco de mayo tweet. a major development in the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server. and dana, you know, this is -- this is an incredible moment, right? that he genuinely wasn't prepared for this kind of development, meaning that donald trump would be the presumptive nominee. he was preparing for a contested convention, which as speaker of the house, he would be and still will be the chair of that convention. she is struggling with this whole e-mail mess, the hacker that apparently got into the server. it's great as a republican party we have one candidate, and we can organize and we can get prepared and get a jump start on the democrats. so you think he's going to get past this and he's scheduled to meet with speaker ryan. will be incredibly, incredibly qualified and will be a worker. the experts in the agencies which track this say america has 5% of the world's population, but americans use 80% of the world's prescription drugs. the presumptive nominee of the republican party, and now in a standoff with the highest elected republican in the united states of america. and i am told that that was the first priority for him. this is basically the book that paul ryan reads every morning as he goes to work. this is a state with a very heavy latino population, and mccain believes his record on immigration issues will be helpful for him come november. reporter: now at the same time, john mccain is supporting donald trump, unlike his colleague, jeff flake. also, we've herd -- you talk about people calling his office saying they're getting on board. it's not just going to be somebody who, you know, might be able to pull a state or somebody who might appeal to this little group of people. that's who my father has surrounded himself with his whole life. you heard john mccain taking it seriously saying, look, he's scared your father is going to hurt his re-election chances because he needs the hispanic vote in arizona. but i think what a lot of republicans want to see is that we have a standard bear that bears our standards and that unifies all of the wings of the republican party, which we all come from different wings of our party. i think that, you know, there's some work to do here. and donald trump took a little time, everyone wondered what he would say, and then, well, he's about to speak in just a moment. sarah, as they're awaiting donald trump to come out and comment on this, it's already something that you're hearing at this rally. [ inaudible ] house speaker paul ryan said he's never going to support donald trump. investigators telling cnn, breaking news right now on this. and a republican congresswoman who has been mentioned as a possible trump vp. and frankly, back in august, the clinton campaign conveyed directly to the justice department that secretary clinton would be available at any time and anywhere to answer any questions that the review process wanted her to answer. we're waiting to see what he has to say to paul ryan. they have been saying for a while they're quite confident that the review process is not going to find anything untoward. so i think in the minds of the campaign and in the secretary herself, the fact they are now talking about doing that interview which, in this kind of process is one of the interviews there's always been something about west virginia.

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